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A few testimonials from people who wear our amazing temporary tattoo eyebrows:

  • Carole - Just wanted you to know how well these brows worked out for my friend whose eyebrows were burnt off in a fire and have never grown back.  They are so much easier than using a pencil every day.  You have helped her feel beautiful again.  I put her new brows on for her every couple of weeks, her vision is not good enough to get them even.  I have no problem with you using my email, especially if it improves the quality of another persons life as much as it has my friend.  She is 66 and her eyesight has declined markedly in the last couple of years and everyone was always teasing her about her crazy brows.  I have to tell you that her family hasn't quite figured out why she looks different ... because of scaring one brow was always real crazy when she drew them on using a pencil.  with your tattoo brows it lays right over the scaring so that both brows are almost perfectly symmetrical.  Thank you again.

    Mary Jo
    - "Happy upcoming Holidays to you and your family.  I love this place and your exceptional customer service!"

  • Juliann - "I got them in the mail today and I tried a pair and I LOVE THEM !! They look so good !!!! I don't have to sit in the mirror for up to an hour anymore trying to make my eyebrows perfect.   I am really happy that I found the tattoo eyebrows !! I will def. be ordering a lot more.  Maybe a few different colors too so when I dye my hair my eyebrows will match my hair color. Thanks again and I will be ordering more soon !!

  • Sandra  - "I was allergic before chemo, and I came out even more allergic afterwards. Your product has never triggered the slightest allergy, and every time I put them on, they're perfect.  I'm always getting compliments on my eyebrows.  Thank you so much!"

  • Sar  - "The price is so reasonable and after a few tries, I had the application process down pat. Now I can throw out all those eyebrow pencils, and I don't have to worry about accidentially rubbing them off. I put on a little powder so they aren't shinny."

  • Caroline  - "Thanks to you I am able to get that shape I had before.  I have Aolpecia and so appreciate these brows!   Thanks so much I feel more confident.

  • Michelle - "I have chronic hair pulling (Trichotillomania) mainly on my eyebrow area. These eyebrows are so much easier to use than eyebrow powder and look much nicer, too."

  • Matthew  - "Now, I put your eyebrows on - the gray is just the right color. I have had them stay on for as long as ten days! They are reasonable in price - and as a retired person, I can afford them."

  • Lizzy - "The brows really look very natural as they do not stick on as a solid dark line, but are feathered as real brows, so many styles and shades to choose from."

  • Don - I was in a house fire and my eyebrows never grew back so theses are a life saver for me.  Thanks so much!

  • Lanny - "THANK YOU!! Your eyebrows have been a blessing sent from God above for my daughter. She now will not leave the house without her 'brows' and her confidence has increased tremendously."

  • Rochelle - "Miracles really happen, I was so happy I found Miss Rose eyebrows, they add so much confidence in myself and people don't tease me anymore for my eyebrow are now even and perfect. I now get compliments for having a perfect eyebrow."

  • Suz  - "When I found your website a few months ago, I was a little dubious, but decided to try your product. What a discovery!!! With your product, I never have to worry about my eyebrows again."

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